Sunday, January 15, 2012

Running Reasons: A Partial List from a Beginning "Runner"

1. Stress reduction
2. Better sleep
3. Improved overall mood
4. Cardiovascular health
5. Increased awareness of what I eat and how I otherwise treat my body
6. Realistic, concrete goal-setting
7. Competition against self ("personal best") as opposed to others
8. Can be done while listening to music
9. No gym membership or special equipment required (other than shoes)
10. More time spent outdoors
11. Potential for new friendships
12. Self-confidence boost
13. Possible redemption from unathletic youth and dropping out of cross country

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  1. No Unicorns or Kittens so I changed my photo to the non Hummer one.

    But maybe blog entries I make should be more universally relatable to everyone. More better blog-like. Letz see if I can do better.

    Like the list form of your latest entry.

    I like riding a bicycle for the VERY SAME reasons!

    I like cycling better for 2 very important Other reasons:

    14. Low impact is less risk of injury, or re-injury of old sports wounds.

    15. You get to go Really REALLY Fast!


    (minus) 16. Spandex