Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goals Update and Unicorns

Okay, just kidding about the unicorns. I just wanted my title to look less boring.

Goal: Try to look my age: Specifically, try to dress less like a teenager and more like an adult.
Progress: Doing somewhat well, thanks to the Christmas gift of heeled boots.

Goal: Run at least one 5K in 2012.
Progress: I'm currently on Week 3 of the Couch to 5K program. So far, I'm really enjoying it. It's gradual yet challenging. Yesterday I walked/ran 4K in about half an hour. Also, I've talked at least one other person into running the Firefly 5K with me at the end of March. If I stick with my current regimen, I should be able to run the whole thing in a respectable amount of time. On the days I don't run, I try to work on some simple strength training (side plank, crunches, push-ups, yoga). I have to keep it simple since I lack strength, and I won't end up sticking with anything that's too complicated.

Goal: At least once a month, participate in some sort of community outreach.
Progress: Not yet met for January. : /

Goal: At least once a month, go on a date or do a MeetUp.
Progress: I attended a fantastic MeetUp last night (DFW Words and Wine). We discussed The Night Circus, which is really an amazing book if you're into fantasy or magical realism.

Goal: GET A JOB.
Progress: Still searching and shooting out ye olde resume...

Goal: Gain 12 more pounds over the course of the next year so I can give blood.
Progress: Will discuss with my doctor once I get health insurance again. In the meantime, will focus on maintaining 100 lbs. (Please don't tell me you wish you had my problem, or that if you were me you'd eat cheeseburgers all day, etc.) Will also focus on eating more healthy food and less crap, and drinking more water.

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  1. changed my thumbnail to my ever popular photo of me with a really big obnoxious car.

    Thought it would be an appropriate counter balance to “Unicorns”

    It is quite fortunate you did not mention multiple cats I would have been forced to seek a bar bathroom, raise my shirt and photograph my self bare chested.

    jk too

    Creative, soul of an artist I suspect. I have a bowler hat and did not even think to wear it. Rockin’ cool wardrobe call. ur doing casting AND costumes.

    Slight correction: The book club meeting was hosted by Splinter Group the other one is our sister. Please join ours too!