Sunday, January 15, 2012

No! Drama!

A lot of people say they're "not into drama". You see this a lot on dating sites and what have you. It sounds nice, doesn't it? No worries....freedom from the messiness that is human conflict and emotion.

But is it realistic?

The more I think about it, the more I think, not so much.

Maybe "drama" is like the common cold. No one likes laying around, sneezing and coughing and watching daytime TV while in a Sudafed fog. And there are certainly things we can do to avoid the frequency and intensity with which we get sick. (Everyone else washes their hands after using the loo, right?) But sooner or later, everyone gets a cold, if only once in a snotty green moon.

I can't help but think that drama is like that. You can do things to avoid getting involved in frequent (and unnecessary) drama. You can steer clear of self-proclaimed drama queens (and kings), practice active listening and positive thinking, not sweat the small stuff, etc.

But sooner or later, even if you strategically avoid drama, it's gonna find you.

Sooo....I think the focus needs to be, not "no drama", but how you deal with drama. Do you fuel the emotional fire? Throw a spaz on social media? Or do you step back, refocus, reframe, and determine how to deal with the situation from there?

The same can be said, I think, for "baggage". We all have baggage. We all have issues. The question is, what are you doing to deal with, live with, or rid yourself of what holds you back or weighs you down?

P.S. -- This is as much a note to self, if not more so, as it is to anyone else reading this.

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