Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grappling With Forgiveness

I'm currently dealing with some issues pertaining to forgiveness in my personal life. This has led me to Scripture and prayer, and also to living my way through some tough questions. I know, for example, that Christians are commanded to forgive. If we forgive much we will be forgiven much, and if we forgive little we will be forgiven little. But let's say you're in the process of forgiving someone. They've hurt you, however unintentionally, in several different ways, and you find yourself, in your human frailty, only capable of forgiving one thing at a time. I want to believe that this is a decent start, that it's better than not forgiving at all. But is that how God will reward such forgiveness? If I only forgive gradually, will God only forgive me gradually? Or does God's greatness exceed that?

I'm also living through the question of reconciliation. If the offender is a brother in Christ, am  I morally obligated to reinstate the friendship once all issues of forgiveness have been dealt with? Or should I merely just wish such a person well and move on with my life? If the person has apologized for something specific, should I let them know that I've forgiven them? Or does that just seem holier-than-thou?

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