Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fictional Character

His name is John Lennon Smith. Lenny to his friends. He was born the day that Lennon was shot, and, consequently, is somewhat obsessed with celebrity obituaries. Strange things happen to him when famous people die.

The author who is in the painstakingly slow process of creating him is female, around the same age as he would be, and wondering what is prompting her to write from the male perspective. Does she think it will be simpler? Less messy, perhaps? Her girl friends keep assuring her that men are simple creatures, but her experiences with them have taught her differently. Men can have layers...dark, hidden, sometimes frightening layers that mirror a darkness that she herself usually tries to outrun.

That's one theory, anyway, but perhaps our aspiring author needs to write about certain things with a healthy amount of fictional distance. Nothing too traumatic, mind you, but things that require handling with care.

Will our hero, Mr. Smith, whose surname begs to be changed, ever see life in print (or a free or cheaply self-published e-book)? Time will tell...

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