Thursday, July 14, 2011

Funny Girl?

I wish I could write funny stuff. Not just amusing stuff, not just a snappy one-liner, but the kind of short story/essay/novel that makes you ell oh ell. I don't get it. I'm a pretty funny person in real life. I hang out with a lot of funny people. Most of the movies and TV shows I like are comedies. My choice of reading material is a little more varied -- I can read a sad book much more easily than I can watch a sad movie -- so maybe that's the reason for the discrepency.

I guess the main thing at this point is that I keep writing. I have my laptop back after a brief hiatus, so that should make things a little bit easier. Not sure if I'll publish anything ever or not. My main focus at the moment is to actually finish something other than a blog entry.

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