Monday, April 29, 2013

We talk a lot as a society about "getting out of your comfort zone". But what does that really mean? Is is something magical or scary, or just a fancy way of describing something that we all experience at some point? In the past two years, I've been through some pretty drastic career changes. I've gone from being a full-time classroom teacher, to a part-time tutor, to a tutor/barista, and currently to working full-time in the insurance industry (while still tutoring roughly 8-10 hours a week). In some ways, I've gotten out of my so-called comfort zone. I find myself in an industry that I never would have seen myself in five years ago. I'm having to learn a whole new set of terminology, to say nothing of learning how to navigate within the corporate world. On the other hand, I've also settled into a position that is a great deal more stable than the ups and downs of retail and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, it's far more predictable than walking into a middle-school classroom. It's funny how getting out of my comfort zone by seeking employment outside of my field has led to more stability...and, therefore, to more comfort. I'm not sure how this coincides with people whose idea of "getting out of your comfort zone" is, say, climbing Mount Everest, but it seems to be working for me by keeping me content without being complacent.

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