Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Goal Re-Visitation Time Again

Goal: Try to look my age: Specifically, try to dress less like a teenager and more like an adult.
Progress: These days, I usually run around in workout-type clothing. I guess that's not very age-specific.

Goal: Run at least one 5K in 2012.
Progress: I just ran the Firefly 5K last weekend. I was happy to have finished in under 30 minutes. I plan to do Run For Cover on April 14th.

New Running Goals: Run a 10K by late summer/early fall. If all goes fantastically well, run the White Rock Half Marathon on December 2nd. (This last one may be a bit crazy.)

Goal: At least once a month, participate in some sort of community outreach.
Progress: Hard to say. The 5Ks raise awareness of, and help raise money for, various causes. But I suspect that I could do more.

Goal: At least once a month, go on a date or do a MeetUp.
Progress: Um...

Goal: GET A JOB.
Progress: Tutoring and interviewing and networking...oh, my!

Goal: Gain weight
Progress: Not really worried about it since I'm not losing weight and I'm definitely getting stronger. When I first started CG, I was working with 5-lb dumbbells. Less than 2 months later, I'm up to 10s. I can also do a reasonably good set of push-ups on my toes. Now I must conquer the chin-up!

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