Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Retro-Blog: Chile 2009: The Bulleted List

·         Jumbo – The Chilean Target
·         Casuelo de invierno – chicken soup with rice, corn, potato, cilantro, carrots
·         Once  -- Chilean dinner – usually a light meal (bread, meat, cheese ,fruit, tea)
·         Lemon soda
·         Juliana and Michel, the Colombian couple who took us in
·         Sofia, their adorable 1 ½ year old daughter
·         Different meanings of the word taco: traffic jam, food (obviously), heel of a shoe, notepad/Post-Its
·         “When I think of Texas, I think of religion and guns.”
·         Riding the acensor in Valparaiso and feeling like a character in The Motorcycle Diaries
·         Ocean Pacific, a submarine-themed restaurant
·         VIkingos, a Viking-themed restaurant where they light your soup on fire

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